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The Geometric theme has clean lines and a modern look focused on geometric shapes.

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Geometric functions as a great theme for your personal site or business.

The Perfect Theme for your Site

The Geometric theme provides the best of Boombox in an elegant theme that compliments your personal site or business. Replace the imagery with photography relevant to your business, to grab hold of potential customers from the start.


Geometric features a beautiful, minimal experience that focuses attention to the large featured image. Your companies tag line immediately stands out and grabs your attention.


While the design is minimal, the features are not. Geometric supports all the features built-in to Boombox including search, events, locations, and the shopping cart. Care has been taken so that each feature works great with the theme.


Geometric adapts so that you get the same great experience on any device you use. All features work as well on a TV as it does on a mobile phone to provide your users with ultimate flexibility.

Showcase your App

Geometric makes it easy to showcase parts of your app or service. UI within the mock UI shown to the right.

This makes it really easy to bootstrap your project and end up with a great-looking showcase site.

Fully Customizable

You can quickly change the colors for the theme using the built-in configuration options. And, because Geometric supports all the great layout options built-in Boombox, the possibilities are endless.

Multiple Layouts

Whether your site requires a one-column, two-column, three-column, or even a four-column layout, Boombox has you covered. Best of all, the Geometric theme adapts to look good under any circumstance. Simply select your layout, add images, and go

A Beautiful Home Screen

There is no doubt that a site's home screen makes a lasting impression. Geometric gives your business a slick, polished home screen that will make a great first impression.